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Budgeting refers to financial planning and is an on-going activity. A budget is a working document that can be flexible at times. Your budget might change if revenues/ expenses are different than predicted, or if the direction of your organization changes.When done resourcefully and consistently budgeting is an essential tool for controlling your expenses and can be also used for identifying areas for cost cutting and cost saving projects. SIGMA LOOP CONSULTING will support you, using statistical software packages and up-to-date budgeting techniques, in analyzing all relevant info and past data to create a budget that reflects as close as possible your financial reality. Based on our analysis we will also identify and report to you those areas of your business where cost cutting is possible, helping you to prioritize your cost saving projects.

Furthermore, SIGMA LOOP CONSULTING will also support your reporting by providing you with a procedure as well as reporting templates to ensure efficient budget communication and updates throughout the year.

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