Virotec Global Solutions Pty Ltd.

Building Demolition, Waste Treatment and Site Remediation Services


Virotec provides an extensive range of building demolition, waste management (including asbestos removal) and solid hazardous waste treatment services across Australia.

Site remediation services include:

  • Site preparation, including Environmental Effects Reports (EER);
  • Preparation of all project documentation, including detailed project risk assessments and method statements;
  • Demolition of plants and building;
  • Asbestos management, including applications to workplace standards agency for approval to remove;
  • Excavation, transportation, treatment and disposal of contaminated soil, water and sludges;
  • On-site contaminated soil and water treatment;
  • Removal of concrete burials;
  • On-site wash-down facilities;
  • Odour control (see also ViroSewage Technology);
  • Soil excavation, segregation and removal;
  • Soil restoration (see also ViroSoil Technology), and;
  • Stakeholder liaison.

Virotec has a ten-year history of successfully treating some of the most contaminated and hazardous solid wastes in the world. Projects have included the effective treatment of chromium-, mercury-, lead- and arsenic-contaminated filter cakes, sediments and sludges, PCE-, lead- and mercury-contaminated soils, and a wide range of hazardous industrial solid wastes from more than 20 different industrial applications.

As a result of its long-term relationship with McMahon Services, Virotec couples this ten-year track record of waste treatment with McMahon’s 30-year track record of building demolition to provide its clients with a range of highly professional services which cover all aspects of building demolition and waste treatment.

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