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Business and Operating Services


At EI Williams, we offer a practical yet comprehensive approach to management systems, customizing the business management system for the company and not the vice versa. With this notion, we offer a myriad of business and operating services that are particularly catered to the custom management system.

Here is a glimpse of our business and operating systems:

  • Industrial Engineering Audit / Review / Implementation
  • Enterprise-wide Risk Management Review / Implementation
  • Performance Management Assessments
  • IT Architectural Audit / Review / Implementation
  • Supply Chain Management Audit / Review / Implementation
  • Real-Time Performance Monitoring Actual vs. Plan Analysis
  • Logistics Audit / Review / Implementation
  • Site Operating Practices and Safety Audit / Review / Implementation
  • Site Business Audit / Review/Implementation

*ERM (or Enterprise-wide Risk Management) is an integrated process that enhances the achievement of objectives by identifying, measuring and responding to risk. ERM redefines risk as anything that could affect the achievement of objectives.

Acoustical Services
EI Williams also offers a wide range of acoustical services, catering to the needs of manufacturing, process, industrial, military, marine, and land based transportation system. Our effective acoustical services include:

  • Forecasting
  • Environmental impact study
  • Architectural planning and review
  • Pre-planning
  • Industrial noise survey
  • Community noise survey
  • Product noise testing and evaluation
  • Product noise control
  • Short and long term noise monitoring
  • Expert testimony
  • Boundary
  • Industrial hygiene practitioner review
  • Operational and timing cause-effect analysis

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