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Business Interruption Services


When their water supply is disrupted, a major retailer relies on Apex to provide potable water to keep their business in business.  Our drinking water experts deliver, treat, and process potable water in excess of 25,000 gallons per day to address supply interruption as a result of hurricanes and tornados, contaminated water supply, the presence of bacteria, and local utilities requiring extended boil orders nationwide.  With Apex on the job, in many cases our client’s store is the only business open and operating for miles.

Apex immediately deploys our scientific, engineering, and field experts to manage environmental, utility, or disaster emergencies and return affected areas to normal operation as soon as possible. Apex possesses the resources to promptly address emergencies in an environmentally responsible and safe manner. Whether for a pipeline release, incidental hazardous materials spill, compromised drinking water, large-scale containment and cleanup, or natural disaster, our clients trust and rely on our expertise to handle every emergency to ensure that their business returns to routine operation quickly.

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