Calibration and Verification : Transport and Logistics



When using a measuring instrument, you need to be confident that your results are accurate and precise. METTLER TOLEDO calibration services deliver this type of confidence. To document the results, we have designed a variety of calibration certificates to meet ISO requirements or other industry standards.

The requirements and environment of our equipment are unique and performance must be tested. Our calibration procedure documentation and custom made acceptance test ensures production quality whether you have to satisfy ISO9001 or other industry standards.

A Calibration Maintenance Agreement provides on-going confidence in the equipment, not only certifying calibration at the time of installation. We offer a variety of calibration and maintenance service plans to help protect you from audit risk, eliminate the risk for over-charges and other liability issues due to out-of-specification equipment.

In many applications governmental authorities regulate the requirements for using a scale and dimensioner in commerce. METTLER TOLEDO’s products are all certified by OIML, NTEP and other country specific standards. The higher the approved accuracy, the greater number of goods can be measured and invoiced based on dimensional weight.

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