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Calibration Services


At B&W Tek, we want to help you maximize your return on investment, so we offer a variety of calibration services to make sure your instrument is always operating at optimal performance.  Our talented and dedicated staff performs thorough inspections and careful alignments for every unit that leaves our facility.

Wavelength Calibration

It is critical to ensure that your spectrometer’s optical bench is properly aligned in order to guarantee the accuracy of the wavelength and resolution, both of which assure proper data integrity.  At B&W Tek, we certify accurate wavelength calibration for 12 months after delivery of all spectrometers.  After this calibration certification has expired, we can provide you with a wavelength calibration recertification for your spectrometer, valid for an additional 12 months.  This service includes a unit performance inspection, wavelength calibration verification / inspection, wavelength certification, and a new calibration expiration sticker & wavelength calibration certificate.  For customers that have already purchased the Extended Warranty & Preventative Maintenance Service Plan, wavelength calibration is already included.

Irradiance Calibration

For those of you that are interested in measuring absolute spectral irradiance, you’ll want to compensate for the non-uniform sensitivity as a function of wavelength, which is inherent to all spectroscopy systems.  In order to compensate for this, we will calibrate your spectrometer setup against a NIST traceable tungsten light source.  After performing this calibration and applying the irradiance ratio file provided to you, your spectrometer will now measure absolute intensity, and therefore allow our software to calculate radiometric properties such as irradiance, chromaticity, and correlated color temperature.

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