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Ceramic Catalytic Converters



Approximately 95% of all catalytic converters worldwide are ceramic-based. They feature a reactive surface with a coating containing platinum, palladium or rhodium – valuable precious metals that we recover at the end of the recycling process. Maximum exploitation and avoidance of any residues are dependent on many crucial factors, all based on one single criterion – expertise. Professional expertise is essential, from an in-depth appreciation of the material, long-standing experience of the process flow, or technical know-how in the planning and setting up of a processing plant.

  • We operate globally. Our processing plants are equipped with advanced technical systems, operated by highly qualified personnel.
  • We work with maximum precision, from dismantling catalytic converters to material sampling and homogenisation. Even dust generated during the process is extracted and returned to your material to avoid any loss.
  • With the integration of the plasma smelting furnace in our value chain, we are significantly differentiating ourselves from classic processors in our industry. This is an investment into the future and will allow us to react flexibly to market changes as well as to customer requirements.
  • We constantly optimise our service through targeted investment, strong partners and creative ideas. Find out for yourself on our virtual tour.

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