Chemical Laboratory-Environmental

The Chemical Laboratory was built in NestAmbiente Srl company in 2010 through the sale of the company Chemical Laboratory is part of the Environment Division of AcegasAps to NestAmbiente Ltd. The Chemical Laboratory-Environmental NestAmbiente Srl provides services for analysis and control, as well as for the companies of the group AcegasAps, even for private clients, governments and / or companies.

The laboratory Chemical and Environmental, equipped with a complete instrumentation consists of a team of qualified and skilled technicians, with the knowledge and requirements necessary to perform sampling and analysis of the following matrices:

  • natural waters, both surface and ground waters;
  • wastewater treatment plants;
  • electromagnetic fields;
  • aeriform emissions;
  • analysis of air quality;
  • analysis and classification waste;
  • analysis for soil remediation;
  • environmental noise;
  • soils and sludges
  • monitoring required by specific control program landfills and waste incineration plants.
  • investigations and environmental studies;
  • characterization plans.

The Laboratory of Nastambiente Srl has dedicated tools that allow answers in real time to customer needs.

The analytical instrumentation is comprised of:

  • two gas chromatographs,
  • an ICP-spectrometer plasma emission,
  • an ion chromatograph,
  • sampling systems for water and emissions,
  • Atomic absorption spectrometer and cold vapors for the determination of mercury in water (FIMS)
  • analyzer for the determination of total carbon and total nitrogen in waters,
  • mineralizer for microwave digestion of liquid and solid samples for the determination of metals in waters,
  • extractor high pressure of micropollutants (PAHs, PCBs, hydrocarbons, etc.) from the solid matrix,
  • Purifier organic extracts for the determination of micropollutants,
  • two gas-mass,
  • mobile unit and two relocatable stations equipped for monitoring ambient air

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