SMAS Medioambiente y Servicios

SMAS Medioambiente y Servicios

Chemical Laboratory Services


In Smas have a complete chemical analysis laboratory that can analyze all the parameters affecting water quality.
In many applications, there are combined analysis of different parameters, which together provide a complete overview of the characteristics of water.



  • Analysis of swimming pool water treatment ( 9 parmeters)
  • Analysis of water for hemodialysis
  • Full analysis ( 19 parameters)
  • Characterization analysis of water discharges
  • Analysis of water cooling towers ( 8 parameters)
  • Minimum water analysis aljibes, ACH/AFCH ( 7 parameters)
  • Normal water analysis aljibes, ACH / AFCH ( 13 parameters)

In addition, we perform for our clients the following services:

  • Autopsies of membranes
  • Testing protocol design of membrane chemical cleaning
  • Characterization of membranes

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