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Streamline chemical operations with guaranteed chemical delivery. At SUEZ, we understand the need to standardize your chemical operations. We offer the ChemSure Chemical Delivery Service, a fleet of more than 110 vehicles and 40 experienced chemical Delivery Specialists, certified to deliver chemical solutions in a safe, professional, cost-efficient, and timely manner.

ChemSure Delivery Service Features

SUEZ's experienced chemical Delivery Specialists are trained to ensure compliance with various chemical handling and safety regulations and are guaranteed to meet your site's requests. At each customer site your Delivery Specialist will:

  • Sign in and out per your company’s policy.
  • Follow all pertinent safety guidelines, including fulfilling permit and personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements.
  • Inspect tanks, inventory, pumps, and hoses, prior to delivery, to avoid leaks, spills and product contamination.
  • Continually monitor tanks and chemicals during delivery to avoid overfills and leaks.
  • Wash hoses and pumps after each delivery to avoid contamination.

ChemSure Flexible Delivery Options

With operations out of five chemical manufacturing facilities and two strategic warehouses in North America, SUEZ ensures delivery coverage across the United States and Canada. Depending on your chemical requirements, product demand, and available footprint, we offer various tank sizes that accommodate your site’s required delivery scope and schedule.

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