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- Chemical and Sludge Reduction Services


Usually, there is no need to remove or even disengage your present process. We simply install an ion-exchange system at the end of yours to remove the remaining heavy metal ions before discharge.

Since our system columns, called Metl-X, can remove up to 90% of heavy metal ions, we design the system to meet your requirements. For instance, we designed a system for World Color in Corinth, Mississippi where their new copper discharge limit is point one (0.10 ppm). Knowing that the wastewater, after neutralization, often contained as much as 10 ppm of copper, we installed three resin columns. The first lowers the copper to .5ppm, the second to .01 and the third, which is usually on stand-by, reduces the copper to undetectable levels.

The water can then be discharged, sent to a cooling tower (in the case above) or recycled through a membrane system.

This process minimizes or eliminates the need for precipitation chemicals, most of the sludge now being produced and the labor needed to handle all that stuff.

And economics? The savings in labor, chemicals and sludge pays for our system, usually from day one. This includes auditing your present process, designing and fabricating the system, installing it and training your operators.

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