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Reduce power, water and chemical use; save time and achieve robust hygiene outcomes with eloguard  and eloclear.

The Challenge

Every year the WHO estimate we loose 33M healthy life years globally to food borne disease. Whilst we expect that most people will recover within a few days, some food poisoning pathogens can be fatal or cause long term health impacts. Safe food production, processing and preparation require high standards of hygiene.

The food industry is committed to the highest standards to cleaning and disinfection and significant operational expenditure is invested in making food products safe. However food equipment can be difficult to clean effectively and multistep cleaning processes can create secondary contamination issues via condensation.

Despite everyone’s best efforts contamination with high risk pathogens does occur and costs are significant in terms of reputation and revenue.

The Solution
Ozo Innovations’ Solutions – eloclear and eloguard

Industry leading electrolysed water products, eloclear and eloguard can remove grease and proteins delivering effective cleaning and disinfection using a single ambient solution. The solutions are proven effective; passing EN1276; EN1650; EN13693 and EN14476 in both clean and dirty conditions.

As complex surfaces are cleaned and disinfected using a single solution it possible to achieve a very robust hygiene standard that does not rely on applying a sequence of fluids and foams across a surface with significant soaking time.  With eloclear and eloguard, if a surface is visibly clean, it is hygienically clean.

  • Time saving – return equipment into production in less time
  • Save power by cleaning and disinfecting with ambient solutions
  • Be confident in your hygiene outcomes

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