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Climate neutrality ultimately means to take active responsibility for your own greenhouse gas emissions. The same way your organisation would pay a waste management company to take care of your waste, a third party can be paid to compensate your organisation´s unavoidable emissions. In order to curb the compensation costs, your organisation is thus encouraged to carry out GHG mitigation actions. From our vast experience, this often leads to cost reductions and more efficient operations as well as generating both social and economic benefits and strengthening the long term competitiveness. Effective service and production is a primary goal for any business or organisation. Carbon compensation helps you on the way!

CO2focus offer a complete package including the following elements:

  • CEMAsys© a powerful web based energy and greenhouse gas accounting tool which complies with all major standards and protocols
  • Carbon accounting and/or life cycle assessments
  • Expert quality assurance of your carbon accounting
  • Guidance for implementing action plans, targets and initiatives
  • Official and certified emission credits for offsetting from specific emissions reduction projects
  • Transparent documentation also showing the full retirement of purchased emission credits from the market.
  • Advise on how to communicate towards customers, stakeholders, web site etc.

CO2focus define climate neutrality according to the guidelines and principles suggested by the UN and international standards on this topic, such as PAS2060. The UN proposes the following stepwise approach towards climate neutrality:

The CO2focus carbon neutral label, used for products, printed matters, businesses etc. (OBS! Special guidelines for use apply).

The model above is used for companies or organisations that wish to promote themselves as climate neutral. In order to become climate neutral, it is not only required to have a third party verification of the carbon accounting and proper carbon compensation, but also to have an updated action plan with emission reduction targets. It is possible to make an entire organisation, an activity/service or a single product climate neutral.

References to our work and methods:

  • The Greenhouse Gas Protocol
  • UNEP; 'Kick the Habit – A UN guide to Climate Neutrality', 2008
  • British Standard; PAS 2050/2060
  • ISO 14040-series, ISO 14046, ISO 14067 (2012)
  • (“The Consumer Ombudsman”, in Norwegian only)

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