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CO / CO2 Monitoring Services


CO and CO2 arise from combustion processes. CO is usually a result of incomplete combustion and reduction in this species can result in improved combustion efficiencies, and in the worst cases, where CO levels reach percent levels, minimize the possibilities of explosions and fire.  CO and CO2 monitoring is important for furnace and boiler control strategies and is also useful for fire detections. While CO2 is indeed emitted in a fire, this is not the only reason for increase CO2. CO is generally also emitted in a fire and the measurement of both species gives much improved reliability of fire detection and fewer false alarms. Emissions in the smelting process can give rise to dangerous levels of CO so that accurate measurement is a necessity.

The TDLAS technology that Unisearch offers is a perfect solution for CO and CO2 monitoring.  It ensure accurate and rapid response to CO AND CO2 levels in a variety of environments.  The Unisearch LasIR provides:

  • Reliable, accurate data
  • Rapid response – seconds if desired
  • Multiple location monitoring for both fire detection and combustion optimization
  • Continuous emissions monitoring of CO and CO2 levels
  • Freedom from interferences by other gases which could result in erroneous data
  • Easier maintenance and improved process control
  • High sensitivity (1-2 ppmv-m) for CO only applications

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