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Coastal Geology & Coastal Processes



Beaches, channels, inlets, and marshes are dynamic shoreline features. Understanding seabed and coastal geology and the hydrodynamic forces that shape our coasts is critical for sustainable development and management of coastal and offshore facilities. ESS expertise in coastal geology and coastal processes includes: Dredging Impacts and Dredged Material Management Plans, Specifications for Geophysical and Geotechnical Survey, Sediment Characterization, Sediment Transport Evaluations, Contaminated Soils and Sediments Management, Shoreline Protection and Stabilization, Natural Hazard Plans.

Natural Hazards Protection

Waterfront features must withstand the hazards of periodic natural events, as well as daily and seasonal variability due to wind, waves, and tides. Over the long term, coastal interests also need to plan for and manage the effects of sedimentation, migrating shorelines, and sea level rise. Designing and operating coastal projects with these factors in mind is essential to their long-term success. ESS expertise in flood and natural hazards planning and protection includes:

  • Floodplain Mapping
  • Petitions for FEMA Flood Zone Revision
  • Sea Level Rise Evaluations
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Controls
  • Shoreline Stabilization and Sediment Transport Studies
  • Beach Nourishment
  • Ecosystem Restoration

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