ECR World Inc.

ECR World Inc.

Complete Digital Data Security and Corporate Compliance Services

ECR Recycling Solutions takes corporate compliance seriously. We offer a complete and secure chain of custody to ensure your assets are fully protected from the time they leave your facility until all digital data has been completely destroyed. Our certified processes, secure facilities, and security protocols protect your data, ensure full accountability, and provide accurate, timely and complete reporting, and may include certificates of data destruction.

Equipment received at ECR World is weighed at the loading docks for immediate shipment verification and compared to original bill of lading. Once received, all asset tags and other customer identifying stickers and labels are removed from the computer equipment. These first steps ensure data security and protection of our customers' corporate brand and their company's privacy if the equipment is refurbished and resold.

Confirm that your Provider's Quality and Environmental Certifications are First-Rate

  • Do they maintain ISO 9001:2008 certification? Are they also ISO 14001:2004? Are they R2 Certified?
  • With ECR your asset value is maximized because our unique software system and customer portals ensure that you achieve the most value from your recovered assets.
  • We protect your brand because every single component of each and every system is tracked from the time we bring the asset into our facility until its final destination.


ECR will not allow any hazardous e-waste to be sent to solid waste (non-hazardous waste) landfills or incinerators for disposal or energy recovery either directly or through intermediaries. ECR is fully committed to upholding the following principles of responsible recycling practices:

  • ECR agrees to prohibit the exportation of hazardous e-waste we handle or control through final disposition to be exported to developing countries. This includes exportation directly or through intermediaries.
  • ECR will not allow any e-waste we handle to be sent to prisons for recycling either directly or through intermediaries.
  • ECR has an environmental management system in place that is certified and fully adequate for the nature and size of the company's operations, and meets commonly accepted best practices.
  • ECR is committed to ensuring that the entire recycling chain including downstream intermediaries and recovery operations such as smelters, are meeting all applicable environmental and health regulations. Every effort will be made to make use of those facilities (e.g. smelters) which provide the most efficient and least polluting recovery services available globally.
  • ECR agrees to provide visible tracking of hazardous e-waste throughout the product recycling chain. The tracking information shows the final disposition of all hazardous e-waste materials.
  • ECR agrees to provide adequate assurance to cover environmental and other costs of the closure of our facility, and additionally to provide liability insurance for accidents and incidents involving wastes under our control and ownership. Additionally we will ensure due diligence throughout the product chain.
  • ECR further agrees to support design for environment and toxins use reduction programs and/or legislation for electronic products.

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