Component Refurbishment Services



With the evolution of agricultural chemical products, specifically seed treatment chemicals, containers are outfitted with valve dispensing and recirculation systems to ensure products stay thoroughly mixed prior to farmers’ application.

Component Refurbishment and Sales

By utilizing Tri Rinse’s component management, cleaning, and refurbishment programs, our customers can attain the value of the components of their fleets while ensuring their container has been properly destroyed and recycled. Tri Rinse’s refurbishment programs enable our customers to reduce their component purchasing cost by as much as 50%, while promoting sustainability.

Tri Rinse is the only approved Micro-Matic valve rebuilding company in the country. Any valve purchased from Micro-Matic and placed into our refurbishment program come with the same guarantees as a new Micro-Matic valve system.

Examples of These Components Are:

  • Micro-Matic valve systems
  • Parker Hannifin recirculation valves
  • Taylor Cain valve systems
  • Proprietary recirculation components and valve designs
  • Crank Stirrers

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