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Conspilt - Ductile Pipelines Services

The patented ConSplit tool is launched into an existing pipe at an entry pit and pulled through the pipeline to an exit pit. The old pipe is split open and expanded out into the soil, allowing a polyethylene pipe to be pulled into the enlarged hole immediately behind the ConSplit tool. As the ConSplit tool moves through the old pipe, two cutting wheels press a deep cut into the interior pipe wall. The eccentric body of the ConSplit expander concentrates stress at the cut. This tears the pipe along the cut and opens it smoothly without high pulling forces. A sail blade located between the cutting wheels and eccentric body cuts through repair clamps. When especially strong fittings such as steel barrel compression couplings are encountered, a pneumatic hammer inside the ConSplit tool supplies the added force needed to drive the blade through the coupling. When the splitting operation is complete, thes new polyethylene pipe has been simultaniously installed.

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