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Amerisafe Consulting and Safety Services (ACSS) provide employers a powerhouse of high-level industry Construction Safety Management Services to insure qualifying construction site safety. Our Construction safety management includes, but is not limited to, JSA programs, construction safety observation reports, site safety orientation, construction safety employee drug testing, contractor requirements, construction site safety management meetings, construction safety training and more.

Construction Safety Management Meetings
Construction Safety Management Project/Hands Meetings
The function of these site safety management meetings is to give workers and management a chance to discuss any pertinent safety items and communicate issues and/or corrective actions. It also gives management a chance to report on the success or failure of the current program and listen to the workers recommendations for improvement. These construction safety meetings increase involvement and ownership by participants and demonstrate top management support for programs and procedures. This also ensures that all safety and health items are appropriately discussed and focus is placed on necessary topics.

Safety Committee Meetings
The overall purpose of a Safety Committee is to promote worker ownership and involvement in the safety program. These teams can be made up of representatives from each contractor and or craft and a construction management representative. These teams function as a positive way to conduct job site audits, promote safety with each craft, identify hazards and recommended corrections, complete Safety Observation Reports and most importantly provide communication from workers to management and management to workers.

Construction Safety - Case Management
In the event of a work related injury Amerisafe Construction Site Safety Consultants have the expertise to manage the situation thereby reducing the possibility of OSHA Recordable and Lost Work Day cases. This is done by utilizing a panel of physicians for non-emergency treatment of injured workers and carefully monitoring the employee’s treatment. Most panel of physician doctors are used to working with companies concerned about reducing OSHA recordable and lost time injuries and will work with the patient as much as possible without denying necessary treatment if properly managed. In addition, Amerisafe Consulting and Safety Services will ensure all injured workers are tested for illegal drugs and alcohol at the time of treatment or as soon as feasible.

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