IETG (Integrated Environmental Technology Group)

Consultancy Service


At IETG we provide our clients with specialist consultancy services to support them with their network management and sewer pollution / sewer flooding prevention strategies. Our consultants are highly experienced in the management of waste water networks, and they combine this experience together with skills in analysis, strategic thinking and planning. Typically consultancy clients will have identified our technology to help them manage their networks but will often need further support and experience to develop their management response mechanisms and procedures effectively.

Working in an advisory capacity, our consultants analyse client scenarios and identify appropriate procedures and strategies for network management improvements, enabling them to benefit fully from their investment in our data acquisition technology such as the HAWKEYE sewer monitoring system. We will then provide alternative strategy options to resolve client issues, and where appropriate work alongside the client to assist with implementing the identified resolutions.

As part of the overall consultation process we can develop project plans, helping our clients to deliver business cases to support their strategies and planning processes. We provide each client with a detailed report outlining the issues, identified procedures and strategy recommendations. These integrate proven industry best practice and support our clients in the management of their waste water networks and mitigation of network pollution incidents.

We offer further support by training our clients’ employees in data recognition and the effective use of our data capture technology.

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