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Consultation Services


ProServe’s team of consultants is able to be deployed to answer detailed questions associated with Oil & gas production and treatment, power generation, and water desalination. The team comprises highly skilled technical specialists along with economists who are able to provide a robust fully integrated solution for any hydrocarbon field development.

Our team includes in its experience portfolio the capability to create a comprehensive maintenance management system through:

  1. Establish Maintenance Strategy & Tactics based on process operations mode
  2. Define process &equipment criticality
  3. Establish Maintenance Policy
  4. Generate maintenance standard O & M instructions
  5. Implement CMMS

In addition to the services listed above we are able to provide support through:

  1. Consultancies for Power Generation & Water desalination
  2. Provide solutions for lubricant oil cleaning through our unique Centrifuge Oil Cleaner “from Mann Hummel – UK” which can be applied for gas turbines, diesel engines, compressors, etc.
  3. Build Control Panel & Switch Gears
  4. Fabricate Caravans & Shelters
  5. Construct pump skids complete with pumps, motors, couplings, skid, control panel, etc.

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