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Sustainable Food Lab

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The Sustainable Food Lab staff team has helped design, implement and support supply chain projects for individual companies and partnerships in many parts of the world, including the US Corn Belt, West Africa and Australia. These projects have included Unilever, Ben and Jerry’s, Mars Petcare, PepsiCo and others.

The Food Lab approach includes:
  • Clarity about goals for different supply chain partners
  • Scoping of the players, issues, and science
  • Written recommendations for a roadmap to achieve goals
  • Recruitment of local technical support as needed
  • Use of measurement tools to baseline key issues as well as support farmers and other partners to identify gaps and develop action plans
  • Identification of incentives needed to stimulate any short-term investments needed for results
  • Personal engagement with all key players throughout the project
  • Recruitment of partners from other companies, scientists, NGOs or government agencies as appropriate
  • Project management
  • Data synthesis for use in reporting

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