Ingeniería Acústica García-Calderón S.L.L. (IAG)

Consulting System Quality Services


We offer services as consultants for the implementation of its quality system and perform internal audits of its testing laboratory, calibration, inspection or certification under ISO 17025, ISO 17020, ISO 17065. Our experience, from more than 100 audits carried out to testing or calibration laboratories (ISO 17025), inspection entities (ISO 17020), product certification entities (ISO17065) accredited ENAC or ENAC accreditation phase, endorse us to offer internal audits of your quality system that help you obtain, expand, improve and maintain your ENAC accreditation.

Specialized in audits for acoustic and vibration testing laboratories

The internal audits that we propose will be eminently technical and practical. Including the possibility of witnessing tests of its technicians during the audit, thus offering a special service that we could call 'simulation' of a technical audit of ENAC or ENAC pre-audit. These simulations may be done covering the typical scope of accreditation, for example:

Environmental noise Annex IV of RD1367 / 2007 (interior and exterior)

Acoustic insulation (ISO16283-1, ISO16283-2, ISO 16283-3, ISO 140-4, -4 and -7.

Reverberation time ISO 3382-2

Vibrations in buildings Annex IV of RD1367 / 2007

Acoustic power: ISO3740 series of standards

Insulation tests in test chambers: series of ISO10140 standards

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