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Container and Vehicle Interior Cleaning Services


When cleaning transport containers, silo and commercial vehicles complex wastewater is generated depending on the goods transported before the cleaning. The composition of the resulting wastewater changes permanently. Flocculation plants to treat those wastewaters are especially in combination with increasing proportions of chemical residues and solids in the water only insufficiently practical. They demand constant monitoring by technical versed operators and result in a high demand for flocculating agents. The operating expenses are additionally loaded with the cost of sludge removal. The high modularity and adaptability of our solutions open to you the possibilities to find an ideal timed handling system for your individual cargo profile and the necessary cleaning results.

Our wastewater solutions are successfully operational for years in diverse domains of silo and vehicle interior cleaning with different cargo profiles.

We are happy to explain to you our system and solution in detail personally in a conversation and point you to the corresponding references that match your prospective application.

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