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Contaminated Soil Treatment Services

GFL Liquid Waste Division operates an ex situ biological treatment facility for petroleum hydrocarbon and road salt impacted soils on its 3.3 hectare site located in Pickering, Ontario.GFL Liquid Waste Division effectively destroys petroleum hydrocarbons such that all soil will be rehabilitated for re-use as top soil or fill at agricultural, residential and/or commercial/industrial properties. Unlike treatment systems involving thermal or chemical processes, biological systems do not involve significant energy inputs, nor result in the sterilization of the soil.

In addition, GFL Liquid Waste Division will afford the market place greater ability or choice to redirect petroleum hydrocarbon and road salt impacted soils from the standard disposal practice of land-filling, which simply reduces the life cycle of a landfill and provides no value added benefits. This in turn will assist the Province of Ontario in its objectives to recycle and reduce materials directed to landfills.

Bioremediation is a well established technology for the decontamination of soils containing an array of organic contaminants ranging from straight chain hydrocarbons to polycyclic organic compounds such as PAHs. It has been proven effective in reducing concentrations of nearly all the constituents of petroleum products ranging from more volatile fractions, such as gasoline, to relatively non-volatile heating and lubricating oils. Such biological processes can be carried out in situ or ex situ.

The main advantage of ex situ treatment is that it generally requires shorter time periods for achieving the required destruction levels and provides more certainty about the uniformity of treatment due to the ability to homogenize and screen the material. For ex situ applications directed at petroleum contaminated soils, only bacteria that are both aerobic (or facultative) and heterotrophic are important in the degradation process.

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