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Controls and Maintenance Services


Controls enable to be sure of an unchanged classification of installations and equipments, according to standards (ISO 14644).
EREA controls and maintains your aeraulic equipments thanks to skilled technicians listening to you.

Controls of the aeraulic equipments according to the current standards (ISO 14644-3):

  • Particle counting
  • Measure of speeds and air flow
  • Measure of differential pressure
  • Measure of temperature and hygrometry
  • Integrity tests of filters (Emery 3004)
  • Display of air flow (smoke test)
  • Dust classification
  • Mapping of air speed
  • Air flow rate, mixing rate, fresh air rate
  • Noise level, etc…

 Preventive/curative maintenance of aeraulic equipments :

  • Change of filters, fans, sensors, etc
  • Regulation of velocity and air flow
  • Supply of spare parts.

Changes / re-qualification:

  • To make equipments conform  to standards
  • Changes or converting of working station
  • Transfer of equipments.

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