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Converting FOG Waste to Energy


The FOG Energy System is a proven, fully automated FOG Waste receiving and pre-conditioning system used to safely generate green energy via existing anaerobic digesters and co-generation equipment. The system allows a wastewater treatment operator to scalably and continuously process and harvest energy from fats, oil and grease waste (“FOG”), including trap waste from restaurants and other sources, or grease separated from the wastewater stream at the wastewater treatment facilities. In 3 years of proven operation, the system averages more than 92,000 BTUs of methane produced from each gallon of grease processed.

Installed in conjunction with your existing anaerobic digesters, this difficult waste product will be diverted from landfills, cleanly and efficiently transformed into a green energy source, keeping harmful methane from entering earth’s atmosphere. In contrast to other approaches, the FOG Energy System can process untreated, unfiltered, unheated and unrefined FOG Waste, and do so without clogging or disrupting digester performance.

In addition to these green and economic benefits, the FOG Energy System boosts the bio-availability of FOG waste which improves digester performance. This has resulted in 30% to 50% reduced bio-solids in a wastewater treatment operation, helping municipalities fulfill their mission of keeping their communities and watersheds clean.

FOG Energy is the only commercially available grease receiving and pre-conditioning system that has been issued a patent by the United States government (US 7,485,230 B2). In addition, it’s the only disposal solution for FOG which provides a complete solution that diverts 100% of the FOG waste from landfills, operates continuously without clogging, improves digester performance, reduces residual bio-solids production and fully captures the energy potential from this hard to handle waste product.

  • Fully automated system requires no operator intervention and minimal maintenance.
  • System designed to operate continuously without clogging.
  • Utilizes a clean, green process which requires no addition of chemicals, has no by-products requiring disposal and produces more than 50X the energy required to process every pound of grease.
  • Leverages existing treatment plant infrastructure investments.
  • Can be installed any distance from the anaerobic digester without fear of clogging, providing maximum flexibility and security for your wastewater treatment facility.
  • Suits small and large communities. Basic system can handle between 100 and 18,000 gallons of FOG waste per day and is easily expanded to suit large urban areas processing 100,000 gallons per day or more.

  • Creates more than 90,000 BTUs of energy (methane) for every gallon of brown grease processed.
  • Reduces bio-solids output from wastewater treatment by up to 50% and subsequently reduces the local environmental impacts of bio-solids disposal, helping wastewater treatment operators fulfill their goals.
  • 72X reduction in greenhouse gas impact of FOG in your community by diverting it to your wastewater treatment operation. FOG Waste typically would otherwise go to a landfill and decompose to methane over time. Instead, it can be continuously processed in your digesters and converted into usable green energy.
  • Reduces emissions from transportation by providing a convenient local FOG disposal option which translates to fewer truck miles travelled for FOG waste and resultant bio-solids.
  • Provides a convenient and low cost local disposal site, which can help decrease illegal dumping and sewer backups related to FOG.
  • Creates new revenue and cost savings opportunities.

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