Aqualyng ICES

Aqualyng ICES

Cooling Tower Servicing Services


Aqualyng ICES offer a complete service including chemical product support ensuring your system operates at its optimal efficiency with minimal water and chemical losses. The rising cost of water has generated the need to find alternative water supply sources, our team are experienced in using reclaimed and storm water as makeup and along with complete blow down recovery systems and tailored chemistry solutions to minimise blow down rates while protecting system metallurgy.

Our Cooling Water Management Services include:

  • Development of Cooling water and cooling tower management plan to comply with AS 3666
  • Produce a Cooling Water Chemical treatment program.
  • Cooling tower performance audits
  • Implement a Cooling water system sampling requirements.
  • Legionella risk assessments and full biological studies
  • Cooling Tower cleaning services

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