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Clients invest hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions into the design and implementation of corrosion control design systems each and every year. However, without proper and routine corrosion monitoring it could all be for nothing. At Russell Corrosion Consultants we believe the most successful corrosion control projects entail a “lifecycle” approach. This lifecycle begins with corrosion assessments/evaluations, migrates to corrosion control designs, proceeds into corrosion control implementations and ends with corrosion control monitoring. We provide experts in monitoring and surveying existing corrosion control implementations to ensure our clients are achieving the goals they established for themselves.

Corrosion monitoring entails the measurement of corrosion condition changes over time through a continuous series of surveys. RCC performs on-site surveys to ensure proper installation and usage of the corrosion control system, and we also perform remote monitoring surveys through on-line monitoring software, when available. Our personnel our trained and skilled in all monitoring procedures and we recommend to all our clients that corrosion monitoring be a part of their project.

Adding Value: Most importantly to generate real value from corrosion monitoring initiatives , the information gathered has to be translated into an effective action item for corrosion control to effectively be in place. Corrosion Monitoring services, if properly accounted for in the planning stages of a project, are relatively inexpensive and are immediate value additions to every project. Russell Corrosion Consultants performs over 1,500 monitoring surveys each and every year for our clients (and growing). Lets us help you ensure your corrosion control investment dollars are generating a positive return for you.

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