Russell Corrosion Consultants, Inc. (RCC)

Corrosion Surveys Services



RCC has conducted thousands of corrosion surveys for clients around the globe. Our corrosion survey techniques include:

  • Soil and water corrosivity investigations in the field including soil or water sample collection, field and laboratory testing, analysis, evaluation, and corrosion control design
  • Stray direct current interference research, investigation, and mitigation
  • Corrosion protection system design, inspection, and checkout to include coating systems, bond cables, electrical continuity, rectifier operations, test stations, galvanic or impressed current anodes, and isolation devices
  • Underground pipeline coating flaw surveys for dielectrically coated pipe and close interval potential surveys (CIS)
  • Paint and coating testing on exposed structures (including tanks and pipes)
  • Electrical test methods utilizing “structure-to-soil” potentials and “line voltage drops” for evaluation of continuity, insulating joints, current drains, electrical shorts, and related system circuitry. Highly accurate location of ineffective or missing bonds on underground pipelines
  • Current requirement tests for selection and sizing of cathodic protection system components
  • Continuous corrosion monitoring and adjustment of cathodic protection systems for optimum effectiveness
  • Non-destructive testing including ultrasonic thickness measurements, flaw detection, and visual examination

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