CuraFlo Repiping Services


CuraFlo repiping services replace deteriorating water pipes while correcting design issues and upgrading plumbing systems to current standards. Decades of offering the most comprehensive repiping solutions for apartment buildings and other multi-tenant residential, commercial, industrial and municipal structures, have led property owners and managers across North America to place their trust in CuraFlo.

  • CuraFlo provides a holistic repipe solution that:
    • stands the test of time
    • mitigates risk of costly repairs
    • meets current code

CuraFlo’s water infrastructure specialists are trained to evaluate the health of your building’s entire plumbing system – not just the affected areas. Executed with precision and quality workmanship, our custom-designed affordable solutions:

  • reduce drywall cutting and repair, noise and dust
  • minimize disruption for residents
  • limit water service interruptions

CuraFlo professionals take pride in ensuring a positive experience for residents. During the course of the project, we communicate daily with building management to ensure:

  • building security is maintained
  • the safety of residents and their personal property
  • residents’ comfort and satisfaction

Why spend time and money repairing leaks and related property damages that drain your budget? Whether you’re considering repiping only a section of, or the entire system, call a CuraFlo water infrastructure specialist for a free pipe restoration evaluation.

Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX)
Ideally suited for potable water plumbing systems, PEX is very flexible. This makes installation easier and enables it to withstand both high and low temperature applications. PEX tubing also resists corrosive common in metallic pipes.

Polypropylene (Aquatherm Greenpipe)
Designed for hot and cold potable water lines, it combines physical strength with high chemical purity and is one of the most environmentally-friendly pipe types.

Copper pipe is the old standard for the plumbing industry, used to repipe large-diameter water mains and risers. CuraFlo uses the grade of pipe with the thickest wall for maximum strength and durability. Adding an interior epoxy lining to copper pipes, as in CuraFlo’s TriSure system, can make them as reliable as PEX.

Ductile Iron
Strong and resistant to fracture, ductile iron pipe is used in larger buildings where extra large diameter pipes are required.

CuraFlo’s superior workmanship and care restoring drywall after a repipe leaves wall surfaces looking like new and ready for painting.

  • Quality materials and workmanship – guaranteed
  • Less disruption of your customer’s lives and business
  • Minimal water outages
  • Improved water quality
  • Better, more consistent water flow and pressure
  • Long-lasting alternative to costly spot repairs
  • Decades of water infrastructure expertise

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