Pennram Diversified Manufacturing Corporation

Pennram Diversified Manufacturing Corporation

Custom-Design Engineering Services


Every incinerator and crematory supplied by Pennram is designed and manufactured according to its specific application and is in full compliance with government environmental and safety regulations. This tailor-made engineering approach is to ensure the incinerator meets the exact needs of each customer.

Pennram incinerators and crematory systems have demonstrated high system performance with:

  • Accurate control of secondary chamber temperature to assure complete destruction of organic and other harmful substances in the
  • off-gas.
  • Achieved particulate concentration in incinerator off-gas as low as 0.013 gr/dscf (29mg/Nm2) corrected to 7% oxygen before going into the air pollution system. The average opacity is less than 1%, which is not visible.
  • Achieved up to 99.95% reduction of waste by weight.

The high performance of the Pennram incinerators and crematory systems is achieved by good engineering design of each equipment component, quality construction, practical control logic and full monitoring instrumentation provided as an integral part of the unit.

The air-tight construction of the incinerator chambers and the automatic loader minimizes in-leakage, eliminating the major cause of low incinerator performance.

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