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Are you a certified dealer or simply concerned about following up with your customers after sales and service?  BIT Marine Software has developed the industry’s first customer service follow-up module integrated with a comprehensive dealer management system. Use standard, customizable MS Word documents for your letters and surveys – no programming is needed to maintain and update your communication as your needs evolve.  The documents can include all of your dealership’s unique graphics.

Automatically generate emails, letters, and surveys on your defined schedule. You’ll have an easy-to-manage process to ensure that the right communication gets sent to the right customers at the right time.  You can
schedule to have a letter sent out the day after a sale, an email giving a heads-up that a survey is coming, a survey a week after the sale and an anniversary letter a year later – just click a button to kick them off.

Record the communication history post-sale.  The system records the letters, emails, and surveys that you send out, so you can ensure that all items receive complete follow up.

Track and report on survey responses.   The system, like the rest of BIT Marine Software has a powerful report generator to allow you to develop reports so that you can stay informed.

If you have BIT Marine’s other modules, the customer’s contact info and information relating to the boat sale or service event will automatically transfer to the Customer Service Module for incorporation into the letters
and surveys.

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