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Whether you are a municipality, individual homeowner, homeowners’ association, or an apartment building owner, IESI has an environmentally responsible and affordable non-hazardous, solid waste solution for you.

The experience and resources we incorporate in our service allows us to serve our customers and maintain a sensitivity to environmental concerns. Our residential services include: curbside bag service, fully-automated and semi-automated collection systems, special services for physically-challenged customers and customized community programs.

We operate a young fleet of waste collection vehicles that are outfitted with the latest technology such as automatic tire inflation which reduces vehicle downtime and helps ensure that we meet our customers’ expectations every day.


Our material recovery facilities receive a wide variety of recyclable materials including cardboard, glass, plastic containers, office paper and newsprint. We develop individual recycling programs in conjunction with local community and business leaders. IESI performs a community analysis to determine opportunities for new and improved recycling services and has developed education programs which are available to local schools. We operate multiple material recycling facilities and drop-off centers for recyclables.

IESI incorporates recycling strategies into its marketing efforts to assist our customers in reducing waste generation and increasing the potential for our customers to recycle and re-use what would otherwise be sent to landfills. Our material recovery facility managers produce materials that are marketed to post-consumer mills for the best attainable product value.


Our environmental standards begin with the design and construction of the site. It is sealed like a vault with various liners, clay and/or synthetic, to protect the surrounding land, water and air. Leachate collection systems are installed at the base of the landfill to collect and remove any water that reaches the liner system. As the landfill develops, gas recovery systems are installed to control the methane that is naturally produced as organic waste decomposes.

Environmental monitoring at all of our facilities meets or exceeds all State and Federal requirements. For example, groundwater quality is monitored through the use of an extensive network of groundwater monitoring wells around each site. Environmental monitoring does not end with the active life of the landfill – it continues for decades after the landfill is full and completely sealed and closed.

As one of the largest environmental services companies in North America, we collect millions of tons of waste including recyclable materials each year. While we must meet the standards of regulators, we also believe we must meet the even higher social standards of our neighbors. To this end, we work actively and cooperatively with our communities. Each year, we provide landfill site tours to thousands of community residents and students.

Our employees live locally, buy locally, and donate volunteer time and resources to local organizations. Our mission is to build enduring, positive relationships. As a result, it gives us great pleasure to be recognized for our approach in the many communities we operate in. Our people have also been recognized individually for their commitment to the communities they live in and serve. This recognition means a lot to us and exemplifies the commitment we have to the communities we serve.

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