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Environmental Scientifics Group has many years experience in providing high quality dangerous goods consultancy to a wide variety of organisations. Taking advantage of long-established links with the regulatory bodies, competent authorities and industry, ESG is uniquely placed to provide specialist advice in all aspects of the transport of dangerous goods.

Whatever your needs in the field of dangerous goods, including a tailor-made Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) service, ESG’s Traffic and Dangerous Goods Team has the knowledge and expertise to meet your exact requirements.

Carrying goods by road or rail involves the risk of traffic accidents. If the goods carried are dangerous, there is also the risk of an incident, such as spillage of the goods, leading to hazards such as fire, explosion, chemical burn or environmental damage. Dangerous goods are assigned to different Classes[1] depending on their predominant hazard.

There are regulations to deal with the carriage of dangerous goods, the purpose of which is to protect everyone either directly involved (such as consignors or carriers), or who might become involved (such as members of the emergency services and public). Regulations place duties upon everyone involved in the carriage of dangerous goods, to ensure that they know what they have to do to minimise the risk of incidents and guarantee an effective response.

Carriage of dangerous goods by road or rail is regulated internationally by agreements and European Directives, with biennial updates of the Directives take account of technological advances. New safety requirements are implemented by Member States via domestic regulations which - for GB - directly reference the technical agreements.

Dangerous Goods Safety Advise DGSA

ESG staff hold DGSA vocational training certificates for all classes in both the rail and road modes. ESG has successfully acted as DGSA to a wide range of organisations since the introduction of the DGSA Regulations in 1999. We offer: -

  • advice on the scope of the requirement to appoint a DGSA
  • an initial dangerous goods audit and compliance assessment
  • an on-going monitoring and advisory role to retained customers
  • the provision of an office hours helpline for dangerous goods advice
  • the production of annual reports as appropriate
  • the production of incident reports when necessary

Consultancy and Training

ESG has worked closely with organisations to successfully deliver on dangerous goods related project work and provide high quality dangerous goods training.


ESG has an expanding customer base in dangerous goods consultancy and DGSA services, with clients representing both the private and public sectors, including chemical logistics providers :

  • chemical manufacturers
  • train operating companies
  • government departments
  • national health service trusts
  • power generating companies

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