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Data Capture & Reporting Services



ECS Refining captures important asset information that allows you to effectively manage your electronic assets and determine the best course for disposition. Our asset management solutions provide transparent reporting and convenient delivery of information that enable you to make important decisions regarding your IT assets.

Data Capture

Our data capture process utilizes barcode scanners to methodically capture the make, model #, serial #, part #, and asset # of all of your electronic devices. This provides you with a detailed record of your IT assets that can be used for internal reports.

Asset Valuation

Based on the information gathered in the data capture and diagnostic processes, current market values, and decades of experience in the industry, ECS Refining assists in valuing your IT assets and determining the best course for disposition.

Detailed Reporting

ECS Refining utilizes a robust, flexible reporting system that provides detailed information regarding the electronic assets that we process on your behalf and conveniently delivers it to the appropriate parties. Reports include job status updates, receiving acknowledgments, itemized settlements, certificates of compliance, and more. These reports can be accessed manually via our online Customer Portal, or delivered automatically, electronically, or in a consolidated structure.

Customer Portal

ECS Refining has a convenient Customer Portal that can be accessed anytime, anywhere via the internet. The Portal allows customers to request, and check the status of jobs, providing transparency and convenience to organizations with multiple locations/facilities.

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