Euro Environmental Group (EEG)

Euro Environmental Group (EEG)

Data Collection and Surveys Services


Alongside our CCTV surveys, we offer a range of other survey options. Surveys can be presented on CD or DVD or sent via email in clear and easily understood formats to suit client requirements.

  • Manhole surveys: we provide visual inspection, measurements, location and recording of manhole and inspection chambers in accordance with all current industry specifications
  • CSO surveys: we offer full CSO (combined sewer overflow) surveys, with information provided in a range of options to suit client requirements. Surveys can include short and long-term flow surveys, CCTV surveys of associated pipework and accurate GPS location
  • Pumping station surveys: we offer full pumping station surveys providing detailed information on DWF (dry weather flow)/pumping capacity and levels for pump stop/start operation and high level alarm. Results can be produced in a variety of formats to suit individual client needs
  • Section 24 drainage studies: we specialise in the survey of previously unmapped public and private sewers to determine asset ownership for sewerage network operators, using a range of techniques
  • Sewer mapping: we offer services to locate, identify and sewerage networks and associated structures to update existing water company records, as built drawings and provide an inventory of assets for land & property managers. Data can be exported in a variety of formats to suit an easy upload to your local system
  • Multi-solutions: we can provide asset surveys to meet the specific needs of clients, from a single survey to a complete site management package. We are able to deliver a complete record of all existing site assets and drainage features, along with CCTV footage and manhole surveys

We also offer flow and load surveys, using the latest flow monitoring and sampling equipment to provide key information to clients on system hydraulics, reaction to rainfall events, possible seepage, infiltration and pollution.

We use the latest version of SASS, a suite of computer programmes, for checking, analysing and maintaining the data generated by sewer surveys.

Data transferred to the SASS internal database from portable logging devices is checked for inaccuracies, which can then be corrected or eliminated. Depth, velocity and flow rate of sewage are calculated from raw depth and velocities, taking into account the site checked measurements.

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