Data Disposal Services


Today computers store a lot of data including company “corporate memory” which is saved both in servers and personal computers. Examples to this data include all company policies, corporate documents, bank account numbers, passwords and confidential company documents.

Despite deleting this data from used computers or computer cards with common methods, it remains preserved on the hard-disk due to the nature of the system. Unfortunately, the control of this information is lost when hard-disks are handed to unprofessional companies for recycling, scrap purchasing, secondhand sale or disposal. Evciler is not a company that deals with secondhand sales; and because it is a professional recycling company, Evciler provides data disposal services to its customers using a high level security system.

  • E-waste are transferred to the Evciler premises based on a signed contract that defines all rights and obligations related to this issue.
  • Transfers of e-waste are performed by authorized and certified vehicles and a staff of experts.
  • Data disposal system begins by throwing the e-waste into a shredder where they are reduced to granules smaller than 1 cm2. At the end of this process 95% of the raw materials, precious metals and conductors are recycled.

Evciler adopts as a principle to be a trusted company in high demand in the field of data disposal.

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