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Data Security Assessments & Process Consulting


Nothing has the potential of throwing a wrench into your operations like a data security breach concerning your customer’s hard disk drives or other data-bearing media. While many recyclers take a good-faith effort at establishing a functioning data wipe routine, many fail to grasp that the data security process begins when, for instance, the hard disk drives arrive at the facility, and does not end before the destruction of the failed or rejected drives has been verified – even if that destruction occurs off-site.


  • Physical security of any media entering your facility
  • Logical staging and flow through your data wipe process
  • Straightforward labeling and triage of wiped versus failed media
  • Documentation and training processes for your technicians and support staff
  • Internal auditing and sampling procedures

Further, smartEE consulting offers support in evaluating alternative data destruction software and hardware products, standards (e.g. DoD, NIST), and processes and help you select those that are compatible with your goals, established processes, and/or customer requirements.

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