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Data Validation Services

Terra Nova has professional scientists on staff to review, assess, and validate analytical wide variety of environmental analytical parameters. These services include the retrieval of archival data and the production of defensible analytical data packages.  Our project management experience includes coordinating the investigation of contaminated sites, providing support for litigation cases involving delineation, and characterization of investigations. We have assisted clients in the preparation of quality assurance project plans, and sampling and analysis procedures.

Terra Nova provides a comprehensive data review and validation utilizing the National Functional Guidelines for Organic and Inorganic Data Review compiled by the US Environmental Protection Agency. The data we review includes organics, inorganics, radiological and radiochemicals, dioxins, and furans.

Data Validation Services
The data review and validation services can encompass entire data packages, data review results. Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP), and Sampling Analysis Plans (SAP).

We use our professional judgment to determine if there are any technical problems which need to be addressed. We will prepare an overall assessment of the data package to provide an indication of any analytical limitations of the data, or any inconsistency of the data with the Sample Data Group. Quality control criteria established by the USEPA Guidelines is utilized throughout the data review and validation process.

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