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We provide many services including data processing.We can populate your database with historical information, and can also manage your data on an ongoing basis.

Entrust your data processing to a global leader in Environmental Data Management Systems
EHS Data fully integrates consulting and software. We provide many services including data processing. We can populate your database with historical information, and can also manage your data on an ongoing basis.

Database Building
At the start of an implementation, an EHS Data consultant will work with you to scope your requirements for your new system. This is a two phase task, designing the framework, and then populating with historical data.

Database framework
Monitor-Pro is very flexible, we can work with you to determine a folder structure and contents that match your operations (sites, sample points, parameters, etc.) then populate with compliance and other validation rules, calculations, monitoring and reporting schedules, and set up automatic importers to match your data streams.

Migration of Data
Organisations usually require either all or some of their historical data migrated into their new framework. Often historical data has significant quality and consistency issues, so importing to a completed framework validates and ensures consistency as a part of the process.

EHS Data can either manage the complete process, liaising as needed, or you can pre-process files for import and validation yourself.

Ongoing Data Management
Not enough time to manage your data? We offer a data entry / management service The service can be offered as a short term catch-up exercise, or as a part of a longer term managed service.

How does it work?
This is the ultimate service which can be added to Gold Support. Not only do we administer your server and database from an IT perspective, but can manage your data configuration, inputs and outputs as well.

We work remotdy, logging in to systems typically on a pre-agreed schedule to complete the agreed tasks. Nowadays this type of remote connection is commonplace, with many different options. Wewould liaise with your IT department to find the most appropriate solution. Prior to starting the service we would arrange an on-site review session to familiarise with site requirements, or if this is not practical, conduct remote session(s).

System Configuration
As needed we can set up and keep up to date your compliance and warning limits, monitoring schedules, scheduled outputs, etc.

Data entry, resolution and quality management
We can manage the input of data to your system. There are numerous options for this, from looking after an automated system when alerts and warnings are raised, to directly receiving data via email and importing it, to regular remote importing of a series of files from a folder.

Report Generation
We can discuss the outputs you require, design templates where required, and then make sure these outputs are generated and delivered to the right people at the right time.

Every site is different in their volumes of data and reporting requirements EHS Data employ a range of highly skilled staff, not only from an IT background but also from an Environmental Management background. So you can be assured that time and care is being taken over managing your data by experienced and knowledgeable individuals. Please CONTACT US to discuss your needs to help us to provide a quotation for you.

Our Team
The technical strength of our company is at the heart of our business. Our team have been recruited from not only in IT but also from environmental and technical backgrounds, and all have a long track record of using, administering and developing Environmental and Sustainability Data Management Software. Our developers are experienced in the specific fields of EHS data management, from waste management to contaminated land, mining and general industrial site monitoring. This enables the company to develop highly relevant solutions and quickly understand our clients' needs.

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