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Database management and Geographical Information Systems (GISs) have become indispensable in environmental and water resource management.

For more than 20 years, SSP&A has been designing, developing, and maintaining large geospatial datasets as an integral part of our project work. Environmental contamination characterization, water resource studies, and hydrologic modeling incorporate various forms of spatial data from a broad spectrum of sources, and obtaining the appropriate data and processing it into useable information is one of SSP&A’s strengths.

Our personnel work with SQL-based software and are capable of customizing database routines and Input/Output interfaces through SQL and Visual Basic programming to design, compile, integrate, and maintain extensive datasets. We build robust systems that operate well in multiple user environments and maintain their functionality into the future. We deliver a final product that both meets current needs while anticipating future requirements and communicates the fundamental intermediate steps through comprehensive metadata in FGDC-compliant format.

To extend and complement our environmental and database services, SSP&A provides comprehensive professional services in spatial technologies and cartographic production. Our analysts use cutting-edge GIS software — including ESRI’s ArcView and ArcGIS — to improve the efficiency of our projects. We can provide custom graphical outputs, including large-format plots, 3-D visualizations, and temporal model simulations, and deliver digital products for internet-based use or on-site integration. As with our database services, GIS analysis and visualization services are an integral part of our standard project work. GIS substantially enhances the efficiency of geographic and environmental analyses and significantly improves the understanding of what entities are involved and how they interact spatially.

  • Data conversion, creation, and georeferencing;
  • Digitizing and data manipulation (raster to vector);
  • Spatial and temporal 3-D visualizations;
  • Systems integration;
  • Project design including GPS field methodology, field data analysis, and custom database design.

  • Remote sensing and aerial photograph acquisition and interpretation;
  • Environmental database design;
  • Natural resources monitoring and assessment;
  • Water quality and site density analysis;
  • Site density analysis;
  • Utilities and transportation route selection and mapping.

  • Surface-water and groundwater modeling support;
  • Geochemical site assessment;
  • Regional climate and precipitation pattern mapping;
  • Monitoring well site selection;
  • Watershed delineation.

  • Legal exhibits, publications, and courtroom graphics;
  • Land use planning and zoning;
  • Development strategies and regional best management practices;
  • CAD-based map interpretation and creation.

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