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Airports Wastewater’s Approach to Glycols and Ammonium. In our already widely practiced approach of wastewater treatment concept for airports, a reasonable and workable solution for the purpose of removal of glycol and ammonium was missing. With our current developments of quantum physical principles a new environmental milestone was achieved!.

We proved in our tests that we reduce glycol and ammonium and are able to offer an advanced water treatment technology market-ready:

Solution 1: 

Wastewater Treatment of Processes using 1,2 Propandiol

With our newly developed 'AWAS-GLI-Cavitation' - without the addition of chemicals - we achieved a positive reduction start in 3-4 days with a discontinuous treatment. If the water-glycol mixture is processed another 3-4 days with our technology the cleaning performance multiplies up to the reduction of the glycol below the detection limit. It is noteworthy that this removal process, with a further supply of the same polypropylene-glycol-water mixture, is intensified in a way that a disproportionate high reduction of glycol can be observed in the long run, as long as the AWAS-GLI-Cavitation is in operation intermittently. 

Solution 2:

Wastewater Treatment of Processes using Ethylene glycol

Ethylene glycol behaves differently in the cleaning process. With the same aforementioned technique, the 'AWAS-GLI-Cavitation', we additionally need a small amount of oxidative agents and a pH value regulation for this removal process. It is noteworthy that the decay of the ingredients due to cavitation will take place in an extremely short time. 

Mixture of ethylene glycol and propandiol 1.2: we could get significantly faster elimination results in the glycol mixture of the two substances by means of our process water treatment. 

Solution 3:

Wastewater Treatment containing Urea or Ammonium 

The technique we developed for the ammonium removal consists of the above-mentioned AWAS-GLI-Cavitation a specifically designed light system frequency stimulation, type NH-Biolight. A reduction of the ammonium content of more than 50% within 7 days was possible.

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