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DeNOx Strategies

HUSS is known for reducing particulate matter (PM) by 99.9%, but what about NOx? We have been working on several DeNOx strategies for quite a while now. It turns out, that the HC- and NH3 (urea)  SCR are the most promising routes for the widest variety of applications.

At first sight, the HC-SCR does not impress with its 30% conversion rate. But, once you take into account the trade off between PM and NOx, it is clear that by combining it with a DPF, reduction goals will be achieved.
Another issue to consider is the exhaust temperatures of the heavy-duty and off-road applications. As you can observe on the graph below, for the most common applications, the HC-SCR is suitable. The Urea SCR is an alternative offer by HUSS, with a more limited temperature range, but with an extraordinary conversion rate about 85%.

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