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In the UK today, much of the population (approximately 60%) is supplied with hard water or very hard water. Whether water is soft, hard or very hard, depends on the level of various salts in the water. In particular calcium and magnesium carbonate, these occur naturally in fresh water.

AA Chemical Cleaning can assist you with an efficient descaling service.

Hard water contains 200 to 300mg of these salts per litre (parts per million) and very hard water contains over 300mg per litre (referred to as limescale).

Hard water can cost you money. Limescale deposits not only fur up and tend to block the water pipes, especially in heating systems, they also have an adverse effect on kettles, coffee makers, washing machines, dishwashers, electric irons and worst of all usually, the hidden effect inside the water tank, the boiler and on immersion heaters where in some cases the limescale can be 2' to 3' thick.

There is no pleasure in using hard water. It is difficult to lather, it can irritate your skin, particularly people who have eczema and of course young babies. It causes scum around hand basins, baths and showers.

Apart form the dangers of furring up there is additional cost of detergents, chemicals and water softening agents.

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