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Design and Engineering Services


During the initial conceptual engineering phase, econ provides all the necessary documents required for investment decisions to be made and to gain approval from the local authorities. During this process we customise the standard VacuDry® plant design according to the client’s individual requirements, especially regarding individual waste-handling scenarios and local environmental regulations.

Throughout the initial  basic design phase and the subsequent detailed-design phase our econeers make use of the latest 3D modelling and project management software. Our varied work across different industries such as oil and gas, metalworking and chemicals has made us flexible; always looking for a chance to optimise our processes to get the best for our clients. In addition to delivering our services in accordance with European standards, we also take other international standards into consideration, as well as any specific client requirements. From the beginning we will always provide full technical transparency with every step as a project progresses. This ensures approval processes are hassle-free and ultimately results in a faster project completion.

  • Process design customised to individual waste streams
  • Design drawings delivered using the latest 3D software
  • Local design standards and regulations considered
  • Modular process design, easy to understand

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