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CEMLogic designs CEM/COM and Process monitoring systems that best fit the needs of the customer's application or air permit requirements.

Hardware and Software Flexibility
We have hands-on expertise with virtually all analytical measurement technologies available on the market today. We select the most reliable and cost effective components for the application, without being obligated to select components offered by any particular manufacturer. However, we will specify, purchase, package and commission any manufacturer's equipment as required by the customer or mandated by the application. CEMLogic’s Sentinel Systems are not one size fits all. CEMLogic’s Sentinel Systems are custom designed to the application, specifications and air permit requirements.

System Integration
A CEMLogic Sentinel system is more than the sum of its parts. Our Sentinel designs integrate components to provide a complete, cost-effective, and highly reliable system built specifically to your application and/or specifications. Whether it’s a complete continuous emissions monitoring system or a process monitoring system, we're expert in understanding how the components and sub-components of the systems interact and work with the data acquisition handling system, DCS and combustion controls to provide a complete integrated package.

Systems Packaging
We assemble and supply to you a fully integrated Sentinel CEM or Process Monitoring system ready for installation, including the analyzers, the sample transportation system, the sample conditioning system, Data Acquisition Handling Systems (DAHS), cabinets and shelters, and various interconnecting elements. Special application requirements for State DEP reporting formats or alarm tagging are handled by our experienced project engineers and internal engineering staff. Every system we assemble is tested before being shipped to your site.

Field Installation & Certification
We install the Sentinel systems ensuring that the 'As Designed' is the product installed. We carefully coordinate with your project management to ensure maximum speed of installation with minimum interference with plant or contractor activities.

This single-source supplier concept goes beyond just delivery. We warrant the certification and performance of systems we design and install. For customers choosing our preventative maintenance program, we warrant the ongoing performance of the system.

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