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Desk Study (Preliminary Risk Assessment) Service



Site investigation requires pre-planning. It is the key to cost effective, on-site success. To obtain best value from a site investigation it is essential to carry out a desk study as the first stage to identify the geotechnical and/or geoenvironmental characteristics of the ground in sufficient detail to enable economic design as well as to minimise the risk of unforeseen ground conditions which can cause increased costs and/or programme delays.

An ESG desk study:

  • Enables initial understanding of the geological ground model and site history
  • Provides early recognition of site characteristics and potential geo-hazards
  • Aids the scoping of the site investigation
  • Avoids money being wasted on inappropriate methodology
  • Provides early warning of possible delays to programme and/or budget implications
  • Provides information on possible contaminants and anticipated areas of contamination
  • Assists health and safety and geoenvironmental management
  • Is an essential tool for risk assessment and risk management

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