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Developing Sustainable HSE Management Systems


There are a variety of construction, tools and product service providers throughout the world looking to expand their profits and work with some of the major Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Companies.  However, in order to be compliant with applicable legislation or industry standards, these companies are only looking for service providers who are able to provide a product and deliver services which are managed by a Quality Health, Safety and Environmental Program.

Many smaller service providers are entering the Oil and Gas Industry without any form of internal HSE Management.  There are five (5) major reasons to invest in a HSE Management System:

  1. Legislative and/or Regulatory Requirement
  2. Economic Growth
  3. Moral Obligation
  4. Attraction to Prospective Clients
  5. Reduction of Liability

Many Companies have difficulty identifying what needs to be included in an HSE Management System.  HSE is not just having a formalized policy, it is about creating a culture.  You need to encourage and promote the HSE lifestyle in the workplace. 

AES Marine Consultants, LLC has assisted many companies and projects in developing Corporate as well as Site Specific HSE Programs.  We can assist you in developing formalized HSE Management Systems that would adhere not only to industry standard but would support your overall operational goal, of an incident free operation.  Contact AES Marine Consultants, LLC today to begin developing your HSE Management System.

  • Develop a Comprehensive QHSE Managements System (QHSE Manual, Policies, Procedures, Forms, and QA/QC)
  • Audit Current HSE Management System (Assessment of Current HSE Management System)
  • Develop QHSE Manual (Develop or assist with development of Company QHSE Manual, which meets Industry Standard)
  • Project Tender/Development Assistance (Assist with completion of Project Tender HSE Presentation Bridging and Gap Assessment following contract award)

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