Microbial Solutions Limited (MSL)

Microbial Solutions Limited (MSL)

Development of Novel Metalworking Fluid Formulations Services


Microbial attack is a major cause of operational failure and therefore disposal of MWFs. One response from the industry to reduce disposal costs and environmental impact has been to biologically ‘harden’ MWFs to such attack, thereby reducing the frequency with which fluids have to be disposed, predominantly through the use of more concentrated and more powerful biocides. This has the potential to bring MWF formulations into conflict with another class of environmental regulation, such as REACH and the EU’s Biocidal Products Directive, which seeks to limit the use of the biocides and therefore their impact on the environment and human health.

The Microbial Solution
For client fluid manufacturers, Microbial Solutions can resolve the competing pressures by helping to formulate longer lasting, biodegradation resistant fluids in use - but which are nevertheless environmentally friendly and readily biodegradable on disposal. The Company can achive this by marrying its core skills in microbial ecology with the manufacturers’s knowledge of fluids, to formulate and screen for non-toxic MWFs that are not amenable to microbial degradation under normal operational conditions but that can then be readily degraded under the conditions provided by the Microcycle reactor when they are operationally exhausted.

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